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Welcome to WAY gallery - your versatile art gallery in central Stockholm. We opened our doors in November 2020 and have since been representing a multitude of artists and creators with diverse backgrounds, expressions, and crafts. As both a physical and digital gallery, we strive to be flexible, with no limits on how our collaborations can take shape. At WAY gallery, we believe that all relationships are unique and deserve a tailored experience. We work closely with our artists and creators to create a platform where their talents and visions can flourish. Our fundamental idea is to offer art and creative works that touch and inspire. Explore our wide range of products on our website, ranging from art prints, original pieces, and sculptures to jewelry, furniture & decorations. Here, you can find the perfect artwork to elevate your home, provide a memorable gift, or build your art collection. We don't just offer art for purchase; we also aim to enrich your art experience through various services. Our versatility extends to offering workshops where you can explore your own creativity and learn new techniques from our artists. We also provide artwork rental, giving you the opportunity to transform your environment with temporary art installations. For those seeking customized artistic productions, our team is at your service to help bring your visions to life. Discover the world of art through WAY Gallery, where artistic diversity, unique relationships, and a variety of services come together to create a dynamic and inspiring experience.


WAY gallery Sthlm Upplandsgatan 57


Opening hours:

Tuesday-Friday: 12-18 

Saturday: 12-16

Upplandsgatan 57

113 28 Stockholm

08-660 11 03

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