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Anna Mörner is a Swedish artist who encompasses painting, illustration, and photography. Anna's versatile artistic expressions range from figurative illustrations to abstract works, giving her portfolio an impressive diversity. Anna's art does not strive for perfection but rather seeks a balance and composition that feels interesting and confident.

Anna explores different media and styles to create a multidimensional artistic experience. Her unique signature style permeates each work, capturing the viewer's attention. She shares her artistic perspective and passion for creating art that is not only visually appealing but also carries an interesting dynamism.



Soloutställning WOODLANDS

11.04.24 - 25.04.24


11.04.24 - 25.04.24

Welcome to the opening of Anna Mörner's second solo exhibition at WAY gallery Sthlm! Step into a room filled with her artworks, where flowing forms meet unique creativity. Experience the magic of originality and let yourself be enchanted by Anna Mörner's artistic creations.

Mörner explores the forest and plant kingdom as a source of inspiration for her artistic practice. Through abstract interpretations and various artistic mediums such as painting, sculpture, and sound, Mörner leads the viewer on a journey of reflection and connection with nature. Her works emphasize the sensory experience and the importance of connecting with nature to achieve relaxation, stress reduction, and increased mental clarity.

Mörner's multifaceted artistic expression ranges from illustrations to large-scale abstract works reminiscent of plant life. Her pieces juxtapose muted colors with vibrant shades, capturing the movement associated with burgeoning greenery. All exhibited works are original pieces inviting the viewer to partake in an ever-evolving process.

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