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MAGEN is a group exhibition where the artist trio Kegen Lorentzon, Viktor Berglind Ekman and Alexandra Moreno explore the inside and outside of one of man's most complex body parts. Given the vital functions of the stomach, should we then treat it as we do?

As a photographer and visual artist, Kegen Lorentzon has started from her own body but also turned the camera towards others to examine our unreasonable body ideals and in doing so pay homage to this complex, but so important, body part. Humor often permeates her imagery, in the hope that we will be able to laugh at ourselves with a sense of recognition and liberation.

In Viktor Berglind Ekman's art, play takes over and seeks out subjects such as system, form and structure. With metaphors as a starting point and balance and movement as weapons, he examines stories of masculinity, desire and mass production in spatial sculptures as well as video and sound. In an installation where he stuffs intestines with salt, he exposes the intestinal membrane, in the middle of the exhibition body.

Alexandra Moreno works multidisciplinary and process-based with materiality and body as a starting point. In this project, she has used bacteria and gluten as materials to investigate the relationship between humans and microorganisms and also to process feelings about her chronic intestinal disease.

Through various mediums - photography, sculpture and installation - the artists with this exhibition want to increase understanding, discuss the contemporary relationship to our stomach and remind us of its value and function. They create a space for dialogue about body ideals, physical and mental health and also the stomach as a material for expression.

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14 May- 28 May

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