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Kegen Lorentzon is a photographer and visual artist whose work takes her to unconventional corners of the world. Through her photographs, she captures genuine moments in ordinary life, narrating stories of human behavior in a raw and unvarnished manner. She ventures into spaces where discomfort and the unusual coexist, where emotions ranging from desire to melancholy are absorbed and imbue the images with color.

Her style constantly oscillates between documentary, fashion, and a genre that defies easy categorization. Humor often permeates her visual language, aiming for a laughter infused with recognition and a sense of liberation. She possesses a knack for discovering beauty in the unattractive and uncovering the less-than-pretty within the beautiful, all from a disarming and affectionate perspective that might help the viewer embrace the fact that humanity is a little bit eccentric.

In addition to her self-guided exploration, she has pursued formal education at institutions like Berghs, Lund's Art and Design School, and the Nordic School of Photography.



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