On the19-25th of July, WAY gallery visits the idyllic Tofta warehouse at Gotland.

We will bring both old and new favorites from the showroom and will also introduce you to some new creators.

Original artworks, prints, porcelain and "stuff" will coexist in a dreamlike environment, so do not miss out!

Come and join us at the pop-up between 19th to 25th of July

between 11 am and 6 pm

Tofta with its main items (vintage accessories from around the world) also celebrates its 13th birthday this year!

You will find things that are new, old and old that is new ;)

Everything Hand-picked by the owner, taken from her travels around the world.

Time: 19-25 July, 2021 at: 11-18

Plats: Toftavägen 335 622 66, GOTLANDS TOFTA