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Thyra Weiss


Thyra Weiss is a Stockholm-based artist. In her practice three components are often present. The earth, the figure and the air.


The earth. I  want to create from scratch, with raw materials. Like blowing glass, using unfounded cloth, liquid inc, and reusing materials. I’m drawn to the texture and variability of the ground, feeling, the damp exhalations of the earth’s crust seeping between my toes.

The figure is more or less present, it is human but abstract. We put ourselves in perspective. Faceless figures seek our eyes, wanting to tell with their bodies the things a face not always is capable of.

The air, space and the invisible that happens between the different surfaces are visualized. How does a burning gaze feel on the skin? What does it look like when it cuts through the air? There’s a lot going on that the eye cannot perceive. The senses float out of the bodily container creating waves in an airway. Perhaps the air changes color depending on the thoughts and feelings of the senses. 


In addition to her paintings, Thyra also works with illustrations of among other things, Children's literature and album covers for various music artists.



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