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robert möllard

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Robert Möllard's artistic practice is something quite special. By using various techniques such as painting, writing, photography, video, calendars, robes, pearls, and a drumkit, he opens up discussions about art conventions and contemporary value structures. His works are filled with conceptualism, childishness, ambiguity, and reflections on the idea of good taste and how we value aesthetics.

Robert Möllard is a self-taught artist with a background in architecture, engineering, and design. He has applied these experiences to his artistry, resulting in something entirely unique and exciting. His art is a mixture of different stylistic expressions that playfully explore the limits of art's possibilities and limitations.

In November 2021, we had Robert Möllard's first solo exhibition at the WAY Gallery Sthlm and has participated in several group exhibitions and projects.

In summary, Robert Möllard's artistic practice is truly unique and challenging. His works raise questions and conversations about art conventions and value structures, taking us to new levels of thinking. We can expect a lot from Robert Möllard in the future, and we look forward to following his artistic journey.



"Ceci n'est pas une artiste"


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