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Jessica Pleur is a multi-talented artist, writer, and copywriter based in Stockholm. In 2013, she made her literary debut with the novel "Thrillerliv," which was published by a notable publishing house. Beyond novels, Jessica engages with various forms of writing, including poetry and articles. She also imparts her expertise in writing and copywriting at institutions like Forsbergs Skola. Alongside her friend Anna Wehlin, she co-hosts the book podcast "Litteräris." Additionally, Jessica is an esteemed member of the artistic network Femart.

Her artistic messages often orbit themes of embracing awkwardness, the sense of not quite fitting in, challenging the pursuit of achievement, and championing the idea that both homes and souls thrive in a bit of messiness. This sentiment is vividly reflected in her aesthetic expression, where naivety and an array of colors take center stage. To bring her creations to life, Jessica primarily employs fine liners, Posca pens, and various markers.


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