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Hanna Harrysdotter is an artist and creator from Västerbotten. Her creative background involves art and design. She is also educated in the fields of architecture and psychology, and today she works with mixed media, both with analogue and digital techniques.


Hanna’s art is often characterized by bold color combinations and elements of surrealism. The artworks are often based on her strong interest regarding human behaviour, the body, biology and our emotions.


“In addition to working with strong expressions and vivid feelings, I’m motivated with an unconfined mind to search for new ways within my art. This exploration spans outside of practical matters and my own emotional state, as phenomena of light in my home, odd color combinations in nature or on the streets, and my every-day surroundings fill me with new revelations.”


"This curiosity and constant search is something I value highly, a concept that I gladly demonstrate in my artwork. Sometimes as a playful undertone, and other times, as a creeping darkness.”



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