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butch x femme


Alice Hägglund a.k.a BUTCH X FEMME is an artist born 1995 in Stockholm. She graduated year 2021 from Beckmans Collage of Design and with her graduation project Genderfucked Ornament she is one of the winners of Ung Svensk Form 2022. Alice has since then exhibited her work in Stockholm and Milan together with the artist collective Misschiefs.

Alice's artistic musings revolve around the themes of decor and beauty, as she expertly blends an array of decorative elements from various mainstream and subcultures, with a penchant for honing in on both masculine and feminine aesthetics.

With an agile and masterful approach, Alice deftly skirts between working intuitively, with a devil-may-care attitude, to meticulously handling both new and recycled materials. Her work is a stunning blend of rawness and intricate detail, expressing the essence of beauty in wholly unconventional ways.

Alice had an exhibition at WAY gallery in May 2023.

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