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Lucrecia Rey Caro


Anna Charlotta Arvidsson grew up and works in Stockholm. She has engaged in various forms of creative expression for most of her life. Among other things, she has recorded an album and toured with the band Chick habit, wrote music herself and had a great interest in photography. "The interesting thing about using different forms of expression is that different sides of one's inner self come out," says Anna. In text and music, her darker side comes out, while the paintings are created more according to what she experiences as beautiful and harmonious.


After Anna became a mother, she found that it was difficult to find time and energy to dedicate herself to music, so Anna and her daughter started making collages together instead. There, Anna found her new expression, which resulted in graphic collages and paintings. Through her Instagram account en_novis_mani, she got her works out and that led to many people opening their eyes to her.


The paintings and collagen are an expression of Anna's restlessness and a tool to deal with it. By creating something very organized and symmetrical, Anna's somewhat messy interior is calmed down and she thus finds inner peace. She hopes that those who look at her work get a similar feeling. During the creative process, she becomes completely focused and almost obsessed with color combinations and shapes. It becomes almost a form of mania or total obsession, which is why she names her works as manias.


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