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Carl Michael Hansen has lived an artistic life since childhood through everything from acting, dancing and music. Despite success in the music world, the pandemic has given Carl Michael a new calm and in this he has found the love of form and physical creation. His sculptures convey a certain fear and claustrophobia but at the same time a courage and responsibility. Everything is created completely emotionally without a plan and always finds a port in the end.

Art piece, "Curves"

Masonry block, metallic, plaster, acrylic & fernissa


Felicia Berlin is a Stockholm-based photographer and artist. Felicia has a Bachelor of Fine Arts with specialization in photography from Parsons the New School of Design in Paris and New York. Felicia has been working in the fashion industry where she has taken much of her inspiration. Her work has been published in magazines such as Lewis magazine and Plaza Uomo.


Felicia’s artwork “A chaotic and peaceful journey” that is exhibited at this fashion show, is an abstract painting expressing her experience in the process of creating something. Bold lines and shapes that chaotically and peacefully comes together, just the way it usually goes in Felicia’s process of creating something new.

Art piece, “A chaotic and peaceful journey”

Plaster, paper & acrylic on canvas


Pavllou Landraagon Kokko BA (hons)LRPS is a graphic designer, printmaker, photographer as well as a freelance writer. She has a distinction LRPS with the Royal Photographic Society and her client base ranges from Nairobi Kenya to the UK and Sweden. Pavllou has lectured at Universities and colleges and worked both full time and as a visiting lecturer in the UK. Her design work includes Books, Corporate Identity, Wine campaigns, Magazine covers, Brochures and Album cover work for music artists such as Prefab Sprout - the classic album covers 'Swoon' as well as now young current musicians. 

Art piece, "Light Emerging (I)"

Oil on canvas


Thyra Weiss is a Stockholm-based artist. In her practice three components are often present. The earth, the figure and the air.


The earth. I  want to create from scratch, with raw materials. Like blowing glass, using unfounded cloth, liquid inc, and reusing materials. I’m drawn to the texture and variability of the ground, feeling, the damp exhalations of the earth’s crust seeping between my toes.

Art piece, "Vacuum"

Oil, glue, acrylic, putty, thread & yarn on canvas


Maria Murphy is a contemporary figurative Artist from Ireland working and living in Stockholm. She studied Fine Art Painting in the Limerick School of Art and Design Ireland and has exhibited in Sweden, Australia and Ireland. ​ A wide range of imagery is used in her work from everyday life, historical artifacts, idealized images of social media and her own street photography. Expressive brushstrokes and colorful pallets are used to invoke sensation and atmosphere. Color acts as a fundamental element that adds satirical commentary to her work. Sketchbooks are a vital component in Marias work as she draws upon visual thoughts and afterthoughts. These are incorporated into her paintings.

This art piece, "Check mate", alludes to the theme of ‘new beginnings’ where there is always a start and always and end to each game.

The process of painting each square became a repetitive motion where I would start with fresh each time illustrating a new chance.


Art piece, "Check mate"


From Stockholm, lives and works in Österlen.
My inspiration comes mainly from fashion, classical art and dance.
What I show here is the white swan "Odette", she who is
the very image of innocence.
For a few years I had a "clip card" at Stockholm's Royal Opera
and probably saw most of the ballets that were shown, so I would probably say that
dance influenced me the most in my creation.
She has also been shown during my solo exhibition in the Renaissance Garden
at Norrvikens Trädgårdar in Båstad 2020.
Collaborates with Galleries around the country and has also exhibited in London and Amsterdam.

Art piece, "Odette"

Metallic thread

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