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Artist: Manon Steyaert

Exclusive created for WAY gallery Sthlm

In this captivating and one-of-a-kind artwork, glossy textures, flowing forms, and a subdued color scheme harmoniously converge, resulting in an expression that is both enchanting and alluring, evoking a sense of dreaminess.


To clean and remove dust from the artwork gently use a wet sponge and then dry it of with microfiber cloth. For more cleaning details visit Manon Steyaert's instagram (@manonsteyaertart), at the highlight called "cleaning".

Manon Steyaert - Untitled Wall piece two colored

17 500,00 krPris



40cm x 60 cm x 2 cm

Silicone and pigment on wooden frame

Signed on the backside, comes with certificate of authenticity