Kegen Lorentzon is a photographer and a visual artist with all the corners of the world as her workplace. Through her photographs, she captures honest moments in everyday life that tells stories about human behaviour in a naked and raw way. She moves in rooms where the uncomfortable and abnormal exist, where vibrating emotions from lust to melancholy are absorbed and colored the pictures.

With an expression that constantly moves between documentary, fashion, and art, Kegen is difficult to place in one category. Humour often permeates her imagery, in the hope that we will be able to laugh at ourselves with a sense of recognition and liberation. She has a way of finding the beauty in the ugliness and the ugliness in the beauty, from a disarmingly loving perspective that may make it easier for the viewer to accept humanity as a little bit crazy. 

Her interest in photography really took off when she started traveling as a teenager. Countless times she has set out to discover and document people and places that appear on her unplanned paths, and it is above all from this inexhaustible source that the inspiration for the works comes from. For the past six years, the photographs have been created with the help of analogue cameras, such as simple point and shoots, but also full format, digitally she uses FujiFilm. She also experiments a bit with video and what distinguishes her way of working is that she always has at least one camera with her wherever she goes.

In addition to the education she received from her own exploration, Kegen has studied at Berghs, Lund Art and Design School, and the Nordic Photography School.


Available Artworks