Harry Parr-Young is a British/Portuguese multi-disciplinary designer based in Stockholm after studying his MFA at Konstfack. He has been exploring and experimenting

with rattan craft as his main process in his artistic practice. He uses rattan as a tool

to explore topics related to heritage and cultural identity. With rattan’s complex ornamental-colonial past, he’s been questioning its use today within a material context, re-interpreting its relationship with the idea of the “Exotic”. Since heritage is defined

as something in constant flux, he’s been looking at how to perceive and visualize this ancient material and dying craft with another lens and interpretation, combining old and modern techniques along the way.

Rattan Splice Stool

The design addresses the conventional style of rotting furniture, re-interpreting the perceived association with its exotic and outdoor context, questioning the colonialist aesthetic language of rotting furniture in western society. The final outcome is a range of rotting furniture, that sits more at ease in a contemporary setting, proposing a sim- plified aesthetic by using structural geometry.


Available Artworks