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William and Emilia work with different materials and expressions but have something obvious in common, perhaps they have the feeling to see the cruel fairy tales in reality and through image and form express this in a delightful way. In shed no tear Bambi we see examples of how the artists' work comes together in a coherent exhibition where darkness and light are mixed into a happy/sad daydream.

Exhibition dates 19th-26nd of October

Vernissage 20th of October




William Reed (b.1991) is currently in the second year of the Masters program in liberal arts at Konstfack. He has had a solo exhibition at REDAN Gallery in Malmö and also at gallery Thomassen in Gothenburg, Riche, Trädgården, Affordable Art Fair and at WAY gallery earlier this year.


In his artistic practice, he works explosively with painting where elements of mythological and contemporary concepts and motifs meet and create a new context. A visual narrative that represents a desolate rising visualization of the present in its colorful violent yet magical reality. 


William Reeds combination of exuberant colors, playfulness and a touch of obscurity seems to create a winning concept in which new works from the artist do not seem to see an end. William is currently a masters student at Konstfack and creates works with clear historical and pop cultural references from Baroque to Disney. All of Williams works feel different and unique but at the same time coherent and a clarity that a work comes from him. His morbidly playful presence is present in all works.


Emilia Sundqvist, b.1993 in Uppsala, lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

Sundqvist creates stuffed figurative sculptures with visible handmade stitches. The material is an essential aspect for her work and there is a pattern of white fuzzy softness in everything she does. 


Sundqvist’s works explore the doubts and demands of adultness with a playful and humorous approach, where longing and recognition to childhood's simplified declarations of love, beauty, and nature can be a lovely getaway.

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