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Tove eklund


Tove Eklund is an artist born in 1980 in Gothenburg, now active in Stockholm.

Art has been with her all her life and even though she has taken other paths in life, drawing and creating have always been there. She studied at Hovedskous art school from 2000-2002, with focus on sculpture. She has worked on illustration assignments, and in recent years has taken up her own creation. 

Through collage and mixed media, she creates images that depict people and places in a moment. The materials are adapted to the motifs, and she uses pastel, acrylic and watercolour. 

"I want to show people and environments that allude to something also outside the image itself. A look that looks away, and a feeling that something is happening in and beyond the depicted. I like when the artwork takes on a life of its own, and doesn't just reflect my own idea"


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