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Storm Philippa Clarén is an artisan and curator born and raised in Kristianstad.

Storm has a bachelor's degree from Konstfack and has, among other things, curated and participated in a number of exhibitions, including collaboration with Åhlens City MMF AB, Regionmuseet Kristianstad, Sthlm Craft Week and Galleri Redan.

The core of her art is color, patterns and shiny surfaces. Storm is a magpie that is drawn to everything that glitters, whether it is silk fabrics or a glazed porcelain clay. Her expression is naive and she wants to replace the Scandinavian interior design ideal "bright and fresh" with "crazy and motley".

After many attempts at learning chess, Storm decided that three in a row was the perfect board game for her. Storm's game consists of sculptures and lovely interior details, perfect for restless souls who want to play a game while the pasta water boils.

In Storm's "Three in a Row", she uses Japanese Nerikomi technology to create the chessboard. The figures are sculpted by hand in colored porcelain clay. The animals are small and angry because it is toxic to have to be both cute and happy at the same time.



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