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SAK: Stina henriksson


Stina Henriksson studied Design at Malmö University (BA) and Lund School of Industrial Design, IKDC (MFA) before starting sa:k Design Studio in 2021. She works cross-disciplinary and by exploring form and production techniques focus is often on material and aesthetics in objects connected to ideas of value. 


In the work with recycled candle wax from Malmö restaurants she explores the material as well as our relationship to candlelight by both traditional and experimental processes of candle making. Our use of candles generates large amounts of leftovers and inspiration comes from the durability of the material contrasting to our use of it.


The material can be remelted and remolded endlessly, changing from solid to liquid and back again in a hard to control process with a narrow temperature span. The candles are unique handicraft and disposable at the same time depending on our use, and this raises questions on how we value consumable products.


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