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Helena Ungh Hofman-Bang is an artist from Gothenburg who lives in Stockholm. Helena has been painting since she was little and has studied graphic design, art and art history. Helena is sensitive and empathetic, which has led to that her art is created based on the feeling that occurs right then and there.


“To create is everything for me! Time stands still and I see endless possibilities. Art gives me an outlet for my feelings, gives me excitement and an incredible amount of joy. I always paint based on my gut feeling and don't let go of anything I'm not 100% happy with"



In 2017, Helena started working with ceramics, she started building in paper clay at home. The interest then developed into more durable materials and stoneware became "The Thing"

All the works Helena creates are "one of a kind". There is thus only one of each, which makes all items very special. 


 “I like the feeling of having something unique. There is only one of each thing I make, I sometimes try to make duplicates but since everything is done by hand, nothing becomes the same”



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