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08.06.2- 08.07.23

Welcome to the Midsommarsamlingen - an outstanding group exhibition where we, at WAY gallery Sthlm, have brought together several of the artists we collaborate with in the same space. Just like it should be on a Midsummer table, the art creates an atmosphere filled with delights that seduce your senses and, with a little luck, awaken your passions.

Curated by WAY, the exhibition revolves around the Midsummer table and its surroundings. You will be greeted by a masterfully set stage where the artworks blend seamlessly with their ever-changing environment - the room actually changes from day to day.

We aim to provide a dynamic experience where each visit offers you the opportunity to discover something new and exciting, and if you find something that particularly captures your interest, you can purchase it directly from the table and walls!

Artists and creators who participate,


Emma Hasselblad, Atelier Romina, Caroline Harrius, Pots & Dots, Paula Atelier, Kegen Lorentzon, Maria Murphy, Amanda Malm, Andy Voitka, Estelle Graf, Benedetta Crippa, Art Frankie, Jeanette Åkerberg, Tove Blanch, Storm Philippa Clarén, Sofie Wallenius, Manon Steyaert, Melinda Wernolf, Harry Parr Young, Madelen Möllard, Clara Fina Frisk

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