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MELINDA (MWMWMWWWW) is an autodidact creator based in Stockholm.

"You've moved more than a diplomat's child" social services said when they learned that Melinda had lived in nine homes across three countries by the age of seven. Something that drove her to search for what feels like home.

Melinda incorporates her personal experiences and emotions into her works and creative process. She uses writing as a way to tap into her subconscious and explore the darkness, while design serves as rest, a break from writing, where she creates colorful and bright worlds. Both sides provide an outlet for expressing what's difficult to put into words and allows her to process her own experiences and thoughts.

The POSTER 2023 collection, in which Melinda creates unique and signed works by hand from plexiglas, was originally inspired by music. She wanted to create something that both stands out and fits in with the poster of a favorite band on the wall.

The POSTER 2024 collection, Melinda wants to capture the essence of a poster worn away by rain and wind, only to adhere to a fence.

Through her works, Melinda aims to encourage the exploration of one’s own thoughts and feelings, where both the unknown and the bright can take place.

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