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maria sandström


Maria Sandström is a Swedish Artist based in Stockholm with a first class degree from UCA - University for the Creative Arts in the U.K.


A keen observer of people, the bustling metropolis of London inspired much of Maria’s earlier work featuring humorous observations about life, illustrated on whatever paper  was at hand when inspiration struck - such as an old envelope, napkin or beer mat.


In 2020, Maria began creating a colourful series of Primate Portraits rendered in rich oil pastel and rapidly made a name for herself on the underground art market and immediately sold out online. 


“Only Human” was Maria Sandström’s first solo show in 2021 and brought her colourful tribe of monkeys together for the very first time. Drawing influence spanning caricature, Illustration, photography, and old masters’ paintings, her art holds a mirror up to society and reveals what it means to be human. Maria will also soon drop a new NFT collection.


Maria is also an award winning designer, art director and commercials director who’s work has been recognised by The Royal Society of Arts, Notting Hill Arts Club and Promax.


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