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Hannah Blitz Heyman is a Stockholm based artist who works with jewelry and objects. With a master's degree from CRAFT!, Konstfack she explores how a digital expression can be translated analogically. The foundation of her work comes from a fascination with the human hand’s imprint on material and how we transform it to fit into our world. Blitz Heyman works the same but instead of forcing the material she wants to find new and organic shapes through making. Things grow by studying the properties of a material and how it can be adapted into wearable jewelry. By working closely in dialogue with the material the natural structure of the silver takes the driver’s seat and leaves no space for smooth and perfect surfaces.


Blitz Heymans wants to return to the mountain her materials are extracted from and there is plenty of exploring and play involved when creating new pieces. Their structure comes from the casting clay used when making the jewelry. The silver is then processed as little as possible to keep the organic feel of the metal. The raw structure is interrupted by naive shapes like a heart or a butterfly and faceted gemstones. The pop of color of the gemstones mirrors the playfulness in the making of the jewelry. In their meeting, Blitz Heyman hopes to evoke the same mindset she has during the making of her jewelry.



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