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Vera Jörgensen (b.1994) is a Stockholm based artist, photographer and performer. Influenced by pop culture, cinematic visuals and fictive character portrayals the artist explores gaze, femininity and desire. By exposing herself in front of the camera and combining symbolic attributes with suggestive posing while adding subtle twists to conventional imagery, she creates a place where the familiar turns absurd; passing her own ambiguous feelings on to the viewer.


In ‘Girl Cave’ the artist revisits the exploratory phase of a girl growing up in the 90’s – early 00’s. Like a girl lip syncing in front of a mirror, the photos are taken in the artist's own home. Separated from the outside world in a stripped down room, pressing the self-timer with only an imaginary view through the camera lens, she is directing her own dream.

As the artist describes: ‘My feet have become too big to play dress up in my mothers shoes, the gap between my feet and the size of hers has shrunk and high heels come with blisters now. As soon as I could fill out a bra without socks and pick up my own lip shade, jewelry lost its magic. I went from playing to performing. Still, dreaming about My Mother Hollywood, I’m In my Girl Cave, building the fourth wall.’


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