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Friction was WAY's first exhibition which took place from

5 November to 10 December 2020 at Upplandsgatan 57.


Friction can be something that arises through irregularities between two surfaces - the power when they are pressed against each other in motion or when just touching each other. But we often talk about friction in relation to more than just resistance between different materials - and what do we mean by that? Can emotional friction emerge when we relate to our present at the same time as our history? Or to our self-image today at the same time as a self-image from aforetime? Are all narratives the result of friction? And if so, does it work in the same way for an entire society, or an organisation? Estelle, Felicia and Francesca's work that is presented in this exhibition are styles that are direct, eccentric, unpretentious while expressing social realism with satire. They invite the viewer to explore their own imagination with the consciousness of the reality.

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