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Erika Kristofersson Bredberg is a glass artist drawn to the synthetic and artificial, a contrast to her upbringing in the Ångermanland forest and her education in glass craftsmanship.

Visually, Erika's pieces often depict an ongoing collapse or a paused deformation. The process in the glassworks often determines the final outcome but can be revisited afterward. A standing sculpture may be reheated, collapse, or become flat. Creation occurs quickly and intuitively.

Erika has trained and worked with glass for 15 years. She blows and sculpts the warm glass freehand. Knowledge and manual dexterity are important to Erika, using them as a political tool, such as being part of the feminist separatist art group BOOM!

Together with Ammy Olofsson, she runs the glassworks Glasbolaget in Bro. They produce glass on commission for others, but primarily it serves as their studio. The workshop is located approximately 3.5 miles north of Stockholm. Their melting furnace is unique as it is powered by environmentally friendly energy/gas from the Högbytorp landfill site.


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