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DIVE mad house 


DIVE is the artist pseudonym for its creator Fredrik Sologub. Conceived some 7 or 8 years ago, during a time of living in different countries, among different cultures and meeting people from all walks of life - while himself, undergoing changes in his personal life. DIVE is the pseudonym and hence the symbolic arena which lets Fredrik Sologub separate his personal self from the raw expression. An abstract and contemporary expression.

Many of DIVE's abstract and contemporary works are the product of a stream-of-conscious process. Where layer over layer progressively builds up the vivid dynamic of his artworks. The main source of inspiration and fascination is the subconscious and a strive towards the active dialogue with the subconscious mind. Often resulting in fragments from dreams or from a distant childhood memory re-appearing within his works. As figurative objects or abstract color-schemes.


Madhouse is the physical and digital platform for DIVE to operate in and on. If there needed to be a definition of one such place, posing some sort of creative ceiling, Madhouse seemed to offer the most suiting creative ceiling height. Ever since it first was born some years ago, it has helped DIVE form his path thru raw and genuine showrooms and intriguing shows. 


In recent years, DIVE Madhouse have had the pleasure to show in more than 20 group and solo exhibitions in 10+ countries on 3 continents. DIVE Madhouse has been exhibited at The Royal Arts Prize Exhibition in London, New York Art Center in New York City and in Venice during the Biennale. Having the great joy of sharing his original artworks with over 100 unique private and corporate collectors from all over the world. 



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