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Tell us about yourself and your artistic background, education, and previous projects.

I am a ceramic artist educated at Capellagården on Öland. Since the spring of 2021, I've been running a workshop on Kungsholmen in Stockholm. I have previously exhibited at places like blås & knåda and Galleri Norberg. I often work with illustrations and storytelling in my works and I am often inspired by old comics and animated films.

What is the inspiration behind the artwork(s) and what are your thoughts about them?


The idea is to create an animation when you move around the pieces, where a rose petal slowly falls off. I wanted to evoke a feeling of transience but also infinity, as the animation has no end but only starts again. I have worked a lot with roses in previous works and I like the quiet, beautiful drama they create. It also felt fun to work with a classic, timeless motif like a rose for an anniversary collection. The idea is also that you don't have to buy fresh flowers every week to have the vase displayed. The flowers are already there!

Share your thoughts about the collaboration. For example, how has it been working with different types of materials?

It has been very exciting and honestly quite scary to take on something like this for the first time. You want to handle that trust in a good way. It's also about trusting the process when you hand over your design to someone else, not so easy for someone with my need for control, haha. But it feels great to be a part of this with a group of such amazing artists.

Tell us about your relationship with Designtorget. Do you have any specific memories related to Designtorget, which is now celebrating its 30th anniversary?

For me, Designtorget feels like an institution, stable and credible. It's good design that feels very accessible and down-to-earth, I like that. It's nice that design classics can be mixed with crafts and new design. But my clearest DT memory is probably "Snunsktunnelbanan," a print that was on trays, dishcloths, and all sorts of things. I think it's great that goofy humor can find its place in the design world.

Tell us about your relationship with WAY gallery Sthlm.

I got in touch with WAY almost two years ago and was so impressed by their drive and how genuinely engaged they are with their creators. For almost a year, I've been a part of WAY with items for sale and in September, I'll have my first solo exhibition with them!

How has it been to create this collaboration? Do you have a word to describe it?


Exciting and instructive, scary and fun!


Read more and preorder here

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