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Tell us about yourself and your artistic background, education, and previous projects.

I am a designer, artist, and illustrator. Mostly self-taught, but I also grew up in an art-interested family where painting and creativity have always been present. I studied graphic design in Los Angeles and Stockholm. Previous projects and clients I have worked with include H&M, & Other Stories, Zalando, Paramount Pictures, Stockholms Bränneri, among others.

What is the inspiration behind the artwork(s) and what are your thoughts about them?


I am completely obsessed with flowers, and in recent years, I have had a special love for the poppy flower. The motif of the poppy flower is very dear to me, and it felt natural to design the products in that style.

Share your thoughts about the collaboration. For example, how has it been working with different types of materials?

Incredibly fun to experience my art in a new way - for example, being able to wrap oneself in my artwork in the form of a blanket - how cozy?!

Tell us about your relationship with Designtorget. Do you have any specific memories related to Designtorget, which is now celebrating its 30th anniversary?

Designtorget is really special to me. I come from a small town in southern Sweden, and when I traveled to Stockholm, Designtorget was an obvious destination. I remember that some products in their stores had a little information card about the designer, and I dreamed of one day seeing my name on one of those cards on a shelf in a Designtorget store. And look, see what happened! If only I had known back then.

Tell us about your relationship with WAY gallery Sthlm.

A very, very dear relationship, both as a gallery and as friends. WAY gallery is so incredibly refreshing, fun, and, in my opinion, Sweden's most vibrant gallery. It feels like there are always exciting projects in the works, and I am so happy to be a part of it.

How has it been to create this collaboration? Do you have a word to describe it?


Inspiring. It has been so much fun to create and experience my art in a new way.


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