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Tell us about yourself and your artistic background, education, and previous projects.

I probably began my artistic journey as a child, but in terms of my career, it was when I was exploring the visual language as an Art Director that I increasingly found myself working illustratively. For the past few years, I've been working full-time as an illustrator and artist, and I co-run WAY gallery with Francesca Berlin and Felicia Berlin. I have a background in Visual Communication from Forsbergs School and Graphic Design from Berghs.

What is the inspiration behind the artwork(s) and what are your thoughts about them?


The illustrations that make up my part of the collection are a continuation of my quite extensive collection of fable paintings. With animal heads on human bodies, I depict characters that often find themselves in various restaurant environments - something that felt perfect for illustrations intended for coasters and serving trays, which are some of the items I've designed for the collection.

Share your thoughts about the collaboration. For example, how has it been working with different types of materials?

Usually, when I work, I paint on a canvas. It's a straightforward surface, and there aren't many surprises. That's why it's been particularly exciting to adapt the motifs to new shapes. The same motif can feel completely different when placed on two different objects.

Tell us about your relationship with Designtorget. Do you have any specific memories related to Designtorget, which is now celebrating its 30th anniversary?

For me, Designtorget has felt like a gathering place for creativity, and since I was young, I've almost always entered the store if I passed by. There's such a wonderful atmosphere when so much color, form, and design come together in one space.

Tell us about your relationship with WAY gallery Sthlm.

I am one of WAY's three founders and Creative Director. WAY began with a vision of being a place where art, design, and creativity take center stage, where the ceiling is high, and where artists, creators, and visitors can naturally come together. It's something that wasn't so different from Designtorget's vision at the time of its opening in 1993, so it feels like a perfect match!


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