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Tell us about yourself and your artistic background, education, and previous projects.

I am a trained glassblower from Småland and hold a Bachelor's degree in Ceramics & Glass from Konstfack. I run a glassworks together with Ammy Olofsson since 2016. Our melting furnace is powered by sustainable energy, and we work with custom glass production. I'm a member of the women's separatist artist group BOOM! and work on creative school projects in Västernorrland. In my artistry, I blow and sculpt in hot glass. I'm drawn to the synthetic and artificial, a contrast to my upbringing in the Ångermanland forest and my education in glass craftsmanship. Visually, my objects often represent an ongoing collapse or a paused deformation. The process often determines the final result, but it can be redone afterward. A standing sculpture can be reheated, collapse, become flat. The creation happens quickly and intuitively. My current references include Disney, psychedelia, and nature.

What is the inspiration behind the artwork(s) and what are your thoughts about them?


The mushroom is something I've been working with quite a bit in the past year. It symbolizes growth, life, networks, and sensory experience. There are mushrooms that are fluorescent, deadly, and purifying. I believe that for many people, mushrooms are their strongest connection to nature, as they appear in everything from a chanterelle sandwich and video games to the human body.

Share your thoughts about the collaboration. For example, how has it been working with different types of materials?

It has been rewarding to adapt to a color scheme and to be able to reach a broader audience. The mushrooms are a limited edition, and it feels nice that they will coexist with high-quality objects and products on Designtorget's shelves.

Tell us about your relationship with Designtorget. Do you have any specific memories related to Designtorget, which is now celebrating its 30th anniversary?

Designtorget wasn't near where I grew up, so it was a store I found exciting and luxurious to enter as a young person when we visited bigger cities.

Tell us about your relationship with WAY gallery Sthlm.

I have great trust in WAY due to the collaborations we've had. WAY is generous, attentive, and it's refreshing to have a gallery that stands outside the hierarchical gallery norm.

How has this collaboration been for you? Do you have a summarizing word for it?

Like mycelium - branching and vibrant.


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