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Tell us about yourself and your artistic background, education, and previous projects.

Early on, I discovered my name Art Frankie, which became my artistic identity. As a child, experimentation and a sense of nostalgia were what sparked my artistic expression. With a background in music, scenography, art, art history, and collaborations with companies like Spotify, Klarna, and H&M, along with actively selling my works in places around the world such as NYC, Berlin, and Denmark, I find myself today.

I've always felt fortunate to be able to say that I'm a twin in terms of my zodiac sign, as I've always felt divided. As a highly artistic and expressive person, I've consistently created, and then there's the other side of me that is very...

What is the inspiration behind the artwork(s) and what are your thoughts about them?


The inspiration for the artworks comes from the technique of "paint out poetry," a method I've been working with in the past year. By altering the context of a story using a painted image and extracting certain words or phrases, you can change the entire narrative or focus. This is something humans do every day in various situations. It's similar to when you meet someone and leave with fragments of what they've given you, forming an impression from there.

Share your thoughts about the collaboration. For example, how has it been working with different types of materials?

This collaboration has been and continues to be a wonderful journey. Partly because I'm one of the founders of WAY and also one of the designers. Being part of the process and product development alongside artists, Designtorget, and WAY has been a joyful experience.

Tell us about your relationship with Designtorget. Do you have any specific memories related to Designtorget, which is now celebrating its 30th anniversary?

I vividly remember my very first "out on the town" experience, and it was to Designtorget that I directed my steps. The overwhelming excitement in the air was palpable. All those design objects, colorful and enticing, awakened my curiosity. Before me was a treasure trove of both grand and small creations – an endless source of inspiration. Designtorget became my enchanted realm of gifts. When I wanted to give something special to someone, I knew this was the place to turn to.

Tell us about your relationship with WAY gallery Sthlm.

As one of the founders of WAY Gallery Sthlm, it holds a special place in my heart. It's practically my second home, serving as a space where we get to meet incredible people every day. Alongside Felicia Berlin and Estelle Graf, I was involved in starting WAY. It was one of those ideas that arises suddenly and you pursue it because you're convinced that this is exactly what we should be doing. Our work involves collaborating with fantastic and exciting artists while interacting with colleagues in the industry. Additionally, we have the opportunity to meet people from all corners of the world, including customers who might never have owned an artwork before, or those with impressive collections of artworks and sculptures. Every individual is unique, and it's rare for me to encounter these interactions without being moved.

How has this collaboration been for you? Do you have a summarizing word for it?

Exciting, vibrant, and joyful.


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