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David selander


David Selander works in Stockholm with image, furniture and building. With a special interest in the relation between form and meaning he explores several disciplines with the intention to find common ground.


The process consists of creating motifs and objects in parallel with documenting the thoughts that arise during creation. Coupled with reading fiction and theory, new perspectives are introduced over time.


During 2022 several AI tools have revealed unmapped terrain. By heavy restriction of the AI:s infinite prospects there is an ambition to make sense of this unexplored land through series of images with different aesthetics and purpose. By mixing personal intentions with the unique properties of each tool different worlds emerge as a dialogue between tool and creator.


The landscapes explore the mystery we experience when categories which are foreign to each other bleed into one another. When landscapes are housed in containers unnatural to our experience of nature we cannot quite comprehend what we see. This vacuum and the potential to fill it with purpose creates the platform for the series.


The buildings play with the identity of Stockholm. Iconic buildings are distorted while some of their core components remain. Other motifs identify properties essential to the city and materialise those attributes in buildings which do not exist. The effect is recognition mixed with disbelief, gaslighting through an image in the best cases.




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