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Profilbild Clara Fina.jpg

Welcome to Clara Fina - a world of unique and sculptural jewelry and textile sculptures! Clara Fina Frisk is a Swedish textile artist and jewelry designer who founded her brand in 2019. Clara Fina Frisk has a BFA in textile art from HDK-Valand and also works with large-scale textile sculptures in silk.

The inspiration behind Clara Fina's work is drawn from the tactile feel and movement found in both textiles and nature. This is reflected in her sculptural jewelry, which not only adorns the body but can also be used to decorate a room.

Among the most sought-after pieces in Clara Fina's collection are the large, feather-light earrings made from marbled and glittering acrylic plastics. Each earring receives a unique pattern as they are produced in small batches. All parts are cut locally in Gothenburg using a laser and then assembled by hand, part by part, in Clara's studio in Gothenburg.


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