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Carl Michael Hansen is a versatile artist who began exploring his creative talents from a young age. His journey started with a passion for dance when he was just six years old, and he quickly advanced to become a background dancer on Swedish television shows.


At the age of fourteen, Hansen shifted his focus towards music production, ultimately building a successful international career as a DJ and producer by the age of twenty-three.


Growing up in an artistic environment, with one parent being a sculptor and the other an art gallerist, Hansen's connection to the art world runs deep and his passion for painting and sculpture have been there ever since. In 2020 Hansen started to take his sculpting to a professional level. He works with intuitive processes, where the feeling naturally flows from his hands. He considers himself an observer of his own works, and just as in his music creation, there is an intimate connection between art and music. The driving force that compels him to create, whether it's art or music, remains the same.


​His sculptures are a reflection of his feelings in the moment, and through his work, he processes his innermost emotions. For Hansen, creation is a path to explore and express thoughts and feelings.

In his work, one can discover an undertone of fear, yet at the same time, there is a strong foundation in daring to explore and express the deepest emotions. Through his work, he conveys courage and a sense of security, inviting the viewer to share the emotional journey with him through his art.



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