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Amanda MALM


Amanda Malm is a Swedish artist based in Skåne. With a background in design she paints, makes sculptures and works with glass fusing. Amanda has a passion for repurposing materials into DIY’s and re-making vintage clothing. As much as possible she up-cycles materials like paper and wood for her artworks. 


“I love the freedom art gives you, and then trying to apply that freedom on materials that normally aren’t that flexible in their nature. It often starts as an explosion of ideas and colours that then needs to be boiled down to a physical object. Glass fusing is an ancient form of art that fascinates me and hasn't gotten the exposure it deserves. I want to highlight it and show that it is more versatile than you think. I love having a precise picture in my head of how it will turn out, only to then open the glass kiln and be surprised again and again by a process that is out of my control.”


With inspiration from the 60-70’s music area and from her travels around the world, Amanda explores both shape and colors from different perspectives, and what happens when shapes and color meet in a fusion of different materials and textures.


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