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07.03.24 - 06.04.24

We welcome Charlie Malmqvist, also known as ACHTUNG, to WAY gallery Sthlm with the solo exhibition "RYMDPUNK." It is an innovative art exhibition that invites visitors to explore both the grand and small dreams of our time through a modern interpretation of the iconic era from the 1950s known as the "Atomic space age."

The exhibition takes its starting point in the world of the internet and presents a perspective on the use of materials and form. With a reinterpretation of the famous era from the 1950s, known as the "Atomic space age," Malmqvist takes us on a journey through the influence of the internet and its early visual language interpreted in different materials.

For the first time, Malmqvist exhibits works created with marble, in harmony with pieces made with 3D illusions, providing visitors with a collection of paintings featuring motifs that have defined an earlier era.

EXHIBITION: March 7th - April 6th


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